R2SD was created in 2006, when Ross (the "R" in R2SD) and his future wife Sara (the “S” in R2SD) were studying architecture at the University of Florida.  R2SD originally focused on designing furniture from the discarded wood scraps from a cabinetry factory, but when Ross and Sara went off to graduate school, R2SD was put on hold. 


In 2009, Sara graduated from Clemson with a Master’s of Architecture and Ross graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s in Historic Preservation Planning.  Both relocated to a new city and were focused on starting their professional careers, but the recession had other plans for the couple.  Sara was able to find work with an architectural firm, but Ross was unable to find full-time employment.  Not discouraged, Ross restarted R2SD and switched focus to new materials and products. 


In April of 2010, Ross finally found the new product line for R2SD.  Inspired while on a trip to a fabric warehouse, Ross was intrigued by all of the fabrics.  In the following days, Ross borrowed a sewing machine from family members and began sewing.  Within a month, R2SD was transformed into a business that focuses on designing and producing bags and purses.  In the subsequent months, R2SD began selling products online and now in stores.  All R2SD bags, purses, and accessories are made in the USA.  


Ross and Sara invite you to look over their products and hope that you will find the joy that they do when they are creating them.  Every R2SD item is designed to be practical, durable, and timeless.  With each purchase you are helping this young couple reach their goals and also pay off their student loans.  Please enjoy and thank you.

R2SD Bag Featured in Academy Award Winning Movie

R2SD bags were featured in the Academy Award winning movie "her" staring Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams.  You can own the feature bag by going to the R2SD Etsy shop.

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R2SD Bag Featured in a Major Magazine